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Doctoral Students (current)

Carolina Velandia Hernandez, Northern Illinois University

Committee Chair

Political Science  ||  Public Administration + International Relations

Xavier Harmony, Virginia Tech

Committee Member

Policy, Planning, and Governance  ||  Transportation Policy and Governance

Frequent Collaborators

Building Capacity for Local Resilience & Sustainability

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Illinois Association of Park Districts

Discovery Partners Institute Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability

Digital Equity

Dr. Daniel Block (Chicago State University)

Dr. Edmundo Garcia-Solis (Chicago State University)

Dr. Marcello Sztainberg (Northeastern Illinois University)

Dr. Peter Creticos, Executive Director, Institute for Work and the Economy

Matt Schmit, Director, Illinois Office of Broadband

Jeannette Tamayo, Associate Vice President, University of Illinois

Collaborative Governance of Water Systems

Dr. Kate Albrecht (University of Illinois-Chicago)

Dr. Michael Siciliano (University of Illinois-Chicago)

Dr. Jered Carr (University of Illinois-Chicago)

Dr. Chris Goodman (Northern Illinois University)

Transportation Policy, Governance, and Systems

Dr. Gary Kinsel (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville)

Dr. Reggie Greenwood (Governors State University)

Jeannette Tamayo, Associate Vice President, University of Illinois

Dr. David Weinreich (Technion, formerly UT-Arlington)

Dr. Karel Martens (Technion)

Dr. Shima Hamidi (Johns Hopkins)

Institutional Grammar

Dr. Kate Albrecht (University of Illinois-Chicago)

Metropolitan / Regional Governance

Dr. Jay Rickabaugh (Appalachian State University)

Dr. Jered Carr (University of Illinois-Chicago)

Transdisciplinary and Adaptive Learning

Dr. Tripp Shealy (Virginia Tech)

Dr. Andrew McCoy (Virginia Tech)

Dr. Amy Jo Clemens (Northern Illinois University)

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