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Doctoral Students

Carolina Velandia Hernandez, Northern Illinois University

Political Science  ||  Public Administration + International Relations

Shahidur Talukdar, Virginia Tech

Public Administration



Illinois Innovation Network

Sustaining Illinois through Collaborative Governance:

A Pilot Study of Water Systems Governance in Northeast and North Central Illinois

Dr. Kate Albrecht

Dr. Michael Siciliano

Dr. Jered Carr

Dr. Chris Goodman

Under review

National Science Foundation (under review)

EAGER: Strengthening American Infrastructure

Nudging Communities toward Broadband:

Regional Public Sector Organizations as Rationalizing Intermediaries in Innovative Infrastructure Systems

Dr. Jay Rickabaugh (PI)

Dr. Michael Ford

Dr. Jennifer Luetkemeyer


4-VA Curriculum Development Grant
Housing Camp:

Piloting Adaptive Lifelong Learning at Virginia Tech

Dr. Andrew McCoy

4-VA Course Development Grant
Promoting Transdisciplinary Thinking, Sustainable Design, and Community Engagement in STEM Education

Dr. Tripp Shealy

U.S. Department of Transportation
Transit in Flex:

Examining Service Fragmentation of New App‐Based, On‐Demand Transit Services

Dr. David Weinreich (PI)

Dr. Shima Hamidi

U.S. Department of Transportation

Local Barriers to Regional Transportation:

Understanding Transit System Fragmentation from an Institutionalist Perspective

Dr. David Weinreich (PI)

Dr. Shima Hamidi

Matthew Reeves



“Projecting the Metropolis: Paris 2024 and the (re)scaling of metropolitan governance.” Cities

Dr. Robert Oliver

Dr. Luke Juran

“Organizing Transit Institutions to Facilitate Cross-Jurisdictional Service Integration.” Journal of Urban Affairs. 

Dr. David Weinreich

“Increasing the Understanding of Fiscal Impact Analysis to Help Real Estate Developers More Effectively Manage Process Risk.” Journal of Real Estate Literature.

Dr. Dustin Read

Dr. Andrew Sanderford

“The Bounded and Pragmatic Consultant: Fiscal Impact Analysts as Rational Actors.” Planning Practice & Research.

Dr. Dustin Read

Dr. Andrew Sanderford

“Land use decision-making in the wake of state property rights legislation: Examining the institutional response to Florida’s Harris Act.” Land Use Policy 

Dr. Evangeline Linkous


“Balancing Local and Regional Interests.” In State-Local Relations in Partnership and Conflict 

Dr. Eric Zeemering (editor)

Dr. Russ Hanson (editor)

“Tradable development rights in the US: Making zoning flexible through market mechanisms.” In Instruments of Land Policy 

Dr. Evangeline Linkous

Dr. Jean-David Gerber (editor)

Dr. Thomas Hartmann (editor)

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